Daily Prayer Requests

First of all, Thank You, for praying for us. You are a large part of this mission of training believers in the knowledge of God’s Word, and reaching he lost with the Gospel. Here you will find a prayer request for each day of the month.

The prayer of a righteous person is powerful and effective. James 5:16b


  1. Rosemarie and all the orphans that Katrina and I minister to on Fridays
  2. Safety in Construction Work
  3. Meeting people that need the Lord
  4. Evangelism in the central plaza of Cajamarca
  5. Safety While Traveling
  6. Open Hearts for the Gospel
  7. Fast Mastering of Spanish
  8. Relationship Building with the local people
  9. Sunday church services
  10. Ongoing Financial Support
  11. Strength of Churches in the U.S.
  12. New students at the bible college
  13. Open Ears to the Spirits Guidance
  14. Availability of Resource Materials
  15. Short-term Missions Team Visits
  16. Health
  17. Time Management/So Much Work, so little time
  18. Open opportunities to serve others
  19. Vision for the work to be done
  20. Favor with Local Officials
  21. Steady Water and Electrical Supply
  22. Minimal Interference from Ungodly Forces
  23. Student Population Growth at the Bible College
  24. Unity among believers and missionaries
  25. New Missionaries to be Planted in Surrounding Cities
  26. Growth in Believers
  27. Mental Stability in Extreme Situations
  28. The Unknown
  29. Growth in Local Churches
  30. Possible Elementary School Ministry
  31. Spiritual Growth in Weekly Small Group

Thank You For Being A Great Supporter Of Global Missions!

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