Why Are We In Peru???

Have you ever wondered how a missionary picks a country to live in?

Well, we can’t answer for everyone, but we can tell you our story.

  Katrina knew from the age of 16 that she wanted to be a missionary in a Spanish speaking country. She went to Mexico 3 times, performing drama plays, singing, and serving the people of small towns in the mountains. Stewart, on the other hand, knew that God wanted him to be a missionary and preach the gospel message, but constantly fought it. In 2012 Stewart was asked to go to WV and NY to do domestic missions work, and finally he said “Yes.” In 2013, Stewart went to Peru for the first time to be a part of a service/scout mission. The team from SOF Missions was in Cajabamba, Peru doing small medical missions, plumbing an old folks home, and building relations with the town leadership. Stewart quickly fell in love with the people and the amount of response they had to the gospel. That week 108 people accepted Jesus as their personal savior. On return to the U.S., Stewart knew that it was time that he and Katrina started moving forward in their life call to missions work. So in the last 2 years, they served abroad in the Philippines, Peru and Guatemala.

Stewart and Katrina visited the same spot in Peru again in 2014. On this trip they started really paying attention to God’s direction on where He wanted them to be. After hiking to the top of a mountain overlooking a town, Stewart heard this voice constantly saying, “These are your people. This is the land I am giving to you.”  His very supporting wife agreed that this was indeed the place that God was laying on her heart as well. The two started praying that God would show them signs that this was the right place to be. At first, God slammed some doors closed, but a little while later, He started opening up the road to Cajamarca and the college at Llacanora. They prayed that if this was truly where God wanted them, that their house would be sold without any advertisement, and without a real-estate agent. This prayer was answered! They also knew that God wanted them to sell everything, leaving no option for returning if things got hard. This was also confirmed by a pastor that they had been meeting with regularly. Verse after verse and story after story matched exactly with what they knew God had directed them to do. 

   Stewart already had much to do upon arrival, and the two of them have shared the gospel with as many as will listen as they sharpen their skills at Spanish. God has continued to supply the prayer partners and financial contributors that will engage the whole body of Christ in this mission.

So, how did they pick Peru? They didn’t! God simply took their willing hearts and showed them the way from there.


Then I heard the voice of the Lord saying: Who should I send? Who will go for Us? I said:

Here I am. Send me.


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